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MGT Hybrid Motors

A new unique class of ultra-efficient electric motors, combining the best attributes of AC Induction, Synchronous Reluctance, and Permanent Magnet technology.

Product Range

MGT works directly and exclusively with OEM customers.  Motor are designed and built to order, optimized to the specific application requirements.  They are available in 2 or 4 pole configurations, most standard voltages, 1hp to 5hp, foot or face mount, standard NEMA frame sizes, and TENV IP66 ingress protection. Additionally, they are available with an optional integral gearing mechanism for slow speed applications.  In all cases energy efficiency exceeds proposed IE5 standards.  

AC Line Operation

“Line Start Permanent Magnet (LSPM) Motors” have been around for many years. Unfortunately, they have suffered from a) an inability to synchronize a load with high inertia (i.e. low starting torque), b) a rapid and noisy “kick start” that can damage components, and c) power factor that drops off quickly at partial loads.  These deficiencies have eliminated them from consideration in most applications. Conventional Permanent Magnet and Synchronous Reluctance motors overcome many of these deficiencies, but require one-to-one application of specialized PM or SR compatible VFDs to operate.  MGT’s unique Hybrid design resolves all these issues, combining the best attributes of AC induction, Permanent Magnet and Synchronous Reluctance motors (e.g. ultra high efficiency, high starting torque, high power factor, and ability to operate either directly off the AC line or with any standard VFD.

Ideal for Direct Drive Applications

With the option of a proprietary integrated gearing mechanism, virtually any rated speed, from 300 to 1800 rpm, can be achieved, again while operating directly off the AC line. This can eliminate the need, expense and associated efficiency losses and maintenance of belts/pulleys and/or VFDs – making MGT motors a very attractive solution to low speed direct drive applications.  

VFD Operation

While one of the important advantages of MGT Dual Rotor Motor technology is its ability to achieve the ultra-energy-efficiency of a permanent magnet motor while operating directly off the AC line, the motors can also be operated via variable frequency drives (VFDs).  Further, unlike conventional PM or SF motors, MGT Hybrid motors do not require VFDs with specific permanent magnet control algorithms (PM compatible) and complex set-up.  Rather, MGT motors are compatible with any standard off-the-shelf VFD.  And, like induction motors, MGT motors can be ganged to operate with a single VFD.  Finally, unlike other PM motors, they can operate in bypass mode – either to save energy at rated speed or to continue operation in case of a VFD failure.

Above illustration shows the inner and outer rotor of a1 hp motor prototype developed by MGT. This prototype has achieved over 94% efficiency and 0.98 power factor, while operating from standard 3 phase 208 volt line to line power source.

This technology is far superior over other currently available motor technologies for industrial applications because of very high power efficiency, near unity power factor and greater power densities. All this leads to a smaller frame size for a given power rating. Higher efficiency produces more power per KW used without the use of of controller or inverter.

This motor can be used in refrigerators, air conditioners, fans, water pumps where the high efficiency is this design is most beneficial.

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