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Motor Generator Technology, Inc.


As society’s demand for energy increases, as does the urgency to address climate change, energy efficiency must play a central role in a sustainable solution.


Motor Generator Technology, Inc. (“MGT”) is a Southern CA-based, privately held, independent company, specializing in innovative approaches to energy efficient electric motor design. 

MGT Hybrid Motors

MGT Hybrid Motors can be best described as line-operated, synchronous reluctance, permanent magnet assisted motors (“Hybrid Motor” for short). They deliver ultra-high-efficiency, high-power factor, high power density, and high-starting torque!  MGT Hybrid Motors can operate directly off the AC power line or via any standard variable frequency drive.  

Directly Serving OEMs

MGT exclusively serves mid to high volume OEMs - primarily fan, pump, compressor, and high duty cycle general industrial equipment applications.  MGT collaborates directly with its customers, applying the capabilities of its unique technology, designing and delivering models that optimally meet the specific demands of the application.  

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